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A Necessary Expense: The Duties of a Real Estate Closing Attorney

You can expect to incur certain costs when you are buying or selling a property. You will have to get insurance for the property, as well as the taxes to deal with, not forgetting the mortgage that has to be put in place. Apart from the initial expenses involved in getting the house ready for the market, there are some final expenses that are needed when it is time to wrap up the process. The closing of the sale comes with certain fees. This is the stage where ownership of the house is transferred to the buyer from the seller.

The closing portion is normally carried out by a real estate closing attorney. There shall be a fee for that service. It is usually a flat fee in most instances. The legal implications of the transfer of ownership of property are what necessitate there being such services in place, and these services being offered at a certain fee. This is where you cannot afford there to be any mistakes in the sale process. You will, therefore, need the attorney to do a title search for the property, to ascertain its status. This is how you will know whether the party selling the property is the rightful owner. In case there are conditions placed on the property, you will also get to know. They shall also arrange for the purchase of the title insurance, in case you are interested.

The real estate losing attorney shall also be the intermediary with other parties of interest in the sale, such as the lenders, real estate agents, surveyors, present mortgage holders, tax offices, and others. They will ensure all details of the sale are ironed out, and everything is done above board. They will then be present when the transaction documents are being signed, and explain any parts of the documents that are not clear to all parties present. Be sure to find out more here!

Once the property has exchanged hands, the closing attorney shall ensure all the documentation is done property. This means ensuring that there is a copy of the title at the local registry, as well as the registry website. They will also ensure that all stakeholder fees are cleared, such as brokerage fees, taxes, loan payoff amounts, insurance premiums, inspection fees, and others. For more insights regarding lawyers, visit

In case of any other issue, the closing attorney shall be present to handle such queries. There is, therefore, more to their work than presenting the closing documents for signing. They play a vital role in the sale process, one that ensures you can rest easy with your purchase. Be sure to read more here!

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